Fiendishly funny card tokens by Artist Jeff Miracola

Instigating little mischief-makers that they are, the Groblins™ transform your token trouble into twisted fun — while blowing up your game deck. We dare not cross their path. Neither should you. The Groblins Card Token deck, Regular and Foil Editions, are now available (See buttons below).

The Groblins Token Decks features:
Card Tokens featuring Groblins by Jeff Miracola

  • A pack of 54 full-color tokens in UV coated high gloss tuck box
  • Printed on professional quality 300 GSM blue core card stock
  • Smooth varnish protects cards
  • Industry standard card size (same as MTG cards)
  • Special ALL FOIL token pack available

See what the Professor at Tolarian Community College had to say about Groblins

About Jeff Miracola

Jeff began his career in 1993 as a freelance illustrator for many role-playing/collectible card game companies such as Wizards of the Coast, Upper Deck, Blizzard, White Wolf, Steve Jackson Games, FASA Corporation, and more. Some other clients include Electronic Arts, Target, Hasbro, Scholastic, Immedium, and Warner Bros.

To card game players, Jeff is best known for the over 110 paintings he has created for Wizard’s of the Coast’s popular card game, Magic: the Gathering where his art runs the gamut from serious to humorous. Although he loves to paint a serious dragon now and then, it’s the humorous art that really speaks to him. It’s for this reason Jeff combined his love of card game token art with his feisty little creations, the Groblins.

Jeff’s work has been exhibited in numerous galleries and his art and tutorials featured in publications such as Advanced Photoshop, Expose, and ImagineFX magazines. Jeff is a Silver Medal Winner in Spectrum: the Best in Fantastic Art and was the 2011 Guest of Honor at GenCon, the longest running gaming convention in the world.

When Jeff isn’t creating art for himself or clients, he loves to travel and work out with his wife, with whom he has three children.

About Groblins

Groblins appear to be a mix of goblins and gremlins. They kept themselves hidden for untold centuries, yet for some reason chose to reveal their existence to Fantasy Artist Jeff Miracola. Very late one cold winter night, after Jeff had fallen asleep watching Game of Thrones, the groblins did not scramble away as usual when he stirred but instead allowed him to see them playing Mario Kart on his video game console. Jeff assumed he was dreaming, but the encounter would soon explain some of the greater mysteries of his life.

The miscreant creatures were in fact the reason behind so many disconcerting moments at home: misplaced objects, creaking sounds at night that he’d attributed to the house “settling,” and missing food, which he swore to his wife he hadn’t selfishly devoured on a late-night Ninja Lizards movie binge.

Perhaps it was their interest in the strange, fantastical worlds of Jeff’s artistic creations or perhaps it was simple curiosity at a human that seemed to never sleep, but, either way, the vexing little beasts teased Jeff with occasional sightings and regular, reckless pranks. Jeff has learned to keep the fire extinguisher handy.

To the best of Jeff’s reckoning, Groblins are perpetually playful, highly curious, sometimes sneaky, and always instigating little mischief-makers who are capable of both great affection and wanton destruction. At one moment they might coddle the kitten and at the next undermine the house’s foundation walls. Their unpredictability is at once their most charming and dangerous trait. Nothing is safe, not even fellow Groblins. Their most irksome trait? Their ability to inflame any situation, even if the blowout requires explosives. Groblins are therefore to be considered armed and dangerous. These loose cannons are now unleashed on an otherwise unsuspecting world, and Jeff doesn’t know how to stop them.

One tip that just may save your house and home: Groblins love marshmallows, to both eat and wear as hats. Keep a ready supply so they don’t turn their sights on you.

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